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Teacher Laptop Info

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Below is a tentative distribution schedule for the Dell 3390 laptops that are being given to teachers. This distribution schedule is subject to change.

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Orchard 9/18
 Westside 9/26
 Dry Creek 9/30
 Rio Linda Prep 10/1
 Regency Park 10/2
 CCAA K-6 10/3
 Vineland 10/4
 Ridgepoint 10/4
CCAA 7-12 10/7
 Foothill Oaks 10/8
 Woodridge 10/9
 Pioneer 10/10
 Frontier 10/14
 Hillsdale 10/16
 Allison 10/17
 Village 10/21
Foothill Ranch 10/23
 Kohler 10/24
 Sierra View 10/28
 Madison 10/30
 Miles P Richmond 10/31
 Pacific 11/4
 FC Joyce 11/6
 Rio Linda High School 11/7, 11/8, 11/11 and 11/12
 Norwood 11/13 - 11/14
 Vista Nueva 11/18
 Keema 11/20
 Morey 12/2
 Noralto 12/4
 Garden Valley 12/5
 Johnson 12/9
Northwood 12/11
 Woodlake 12/12
 Strauch  12/16
 Rio Tierra 12/18
 MLK Jr. 12/19
 Smythe Jr. 1/6
 Smythe K-6 1/8 - 1/9
 Hagginwood 1/13
Castori 1/15
 Del Paso 1/16
 Babcock 1/22
 Fairbanks 1/23
 Grant / Grant West 1/27 - 1/31
 Adult Ed. 2/3
 Oakdale 2/5
 Highlands HS 2/10 - 2/13
 Foothill HS 2/18 - 2/21

Communication Card IconCommunicationGo to Top

We will do most of our communication via email. We will also send out calendar reminders and use whatever other mediums (printed flyers, all calls) are necessary to make sure you are notified and aware:
  • That you are receiving a new device
  • When you should expect to receive the device
  • What steps you need to take prior to our arrival for distribution

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Distribution will include delivery of the laptop and installation of the docking station. Teachers do not have to be present, but will have to leave their Lenovo laptop for us when they leave school for the day. If you already have a Dell 3390 laptop, please disregard this message.

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Please attempt to move your data into one folder on the desktop, to Google Drive, to OneDrive, or to a USB flash drive before distribution takes place. If you require assistance, please call the Help Desk at extension 55555 or 916-566-3444. If you are unable to back up your data, we will move it from your old Lenovo laptop to your new Dell laptop. When you log in Wednesday morning, you will not see your files. Don’t worry! A team of technicians will be onsite the following morning and will complete the data transfer on your Dell laptop.

Signature_Required Card IconSignature RequiredGo to Top

You will receive an email from Help Desk containing a link to the Technology Checkout Form that you are required to sign. This form associates your laptops serial # with your username.

Old_Laptops Card IconOld LaptopsGo to Top

We will be removing the old Lenovo laptops and docking stations from the classroom. The Lenovo laptops will be returned to IT for reimaging (wiping) and redistribution at a later date.

Contacts Card IconContactsGo to Top

We have a team of IT Staff that are dedicated specifically to this project. Ray Valdez and Brittany Smith are the coordinators for the project. You can contact our team via email or by phone for all of your questions, comments and concerns. 
Ray Valdez – User Support Analyst
(916) 949-2161 (district cell)

Brittany Smith – User Support Technician, Senior
(916) 291-6732 (district cell)