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Gina Carreon  Gina Carreón, Chief Human Resources Official (916) 566-1631


Marisela Flores  Marisela Flores, Executive Assistant I (916) 566-1600 ext. 32112


Jordan Alvarado profile picture  Jordan Alvarado, Director Human Resources (916) 566-1635


Brenda Lopez 4.21  Brenda López, Administrative Assistant I (916) 566-1600 ext. 32105

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David Robertson  David Robertson, Director Human Resources (916) 566-1634


Sarah Velosa  Sarah Velosa, Administrative Assistant I (916) 566-1600 ext. 32111


Layle Bojanski  Layle Bojanski, Manager Human Resources - Certificated (916) 566-1737


Nicole Zehnder  Nicole Zehnder, Manager Human Resources - Classified (916) 566-1778


Dani Gourley  Dani Gourley, Human Resources Technician


Regyna Jones  Regyna Jones, Human Resources Technician Senior (916) 566-1600 ext. 32106


  Amber Lynch, Human Resources Technician Senior (916) 566-1600 ext. 32107


 Anny Prachanpheng Anny Prachanpheng, Human Resources Assistant (916) 566-1600 ext. 32228


Saleshni Prasad  Saleshni Prasad, Human Resources Technician (916-) 566-1600 ext. 32227


Misty Reitz  Misty Reitz, Human Resources Technician, Substitute Services (916) 566-1779


 Elizabeth Saldana Elizabeth Saldana, District Receptionist Bilingual (916) 566-1600 ext. 31102

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Disability Management/Workers' Compensation
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For information on disability, family leaves or filing a claim for an employee who suffered an industrial accident or work-related injury, contact:

Rene Wells  René (Jacqueline) Wells, Manager Human Resources (916) 566-1780


Maria Worthge  Maria Worthge, Human Resources Technician (916) 566-1600 ext. 32108

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Shari Marshall  Shari Marshall, Project Manager (916) 566-1600 ext. 31252