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MTSS Toolkit

Within a Multi-Tiered System of Supports, students, teachers, specialists, families, administration and community members come together in a systemic model to support the high achievement of all students. MTSS implements processes for identifying students' needs through universal screeners, and then, through Systems Thinking and an inquiry-model of problem solving, teams work together to identify  
increasing levels of instructional time and intensity where the needs of all learners are identified and supported early and in a data-driven frame.
MTSS has a foundation of high-quality first instruction and use of data to provide targeted instruction, intervention and acceleration. This model for early intervention allows for increased supports, with gradual release, to foster independence and strong relationships between all of the stakeholders that support students in Twin Rivers. 
Some of the resources below are ones that can guide the team with information, or can be used as templates.





Reflect on Systems                                        
  • FIA                                                                                                                                           
Gather Site Resources
Gather Student Data
  • Correlation Chart                                                                                                        
Set Schedule
  • SWIFT Master Schedule





Identify Area of Need                                 

  • Math Flowchart                                                                                                          
  • Behavior/SEL Flowchart                                                                                            

Determine Targeted Instruction


Determine an Intervention


 Monitor Progress and Goals

  • ELA
  • Behavior Monitoring (SWIS/CICO)

 Communicate with Families

  • MTSS Letters
  • English
  • Spanish
 Plan for Transition
  • Elementary to Middle School
  • Middle to High School





 Review System for Intervention             
 Monitor for Fidelity
           (CICO, can be adapted to Tiered Intervention)