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back to school safely during covid-19 - Newsletter from sacramento county public health
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MISSION: Promote optimal health and academic success for all students through active teamwork between family, community and all educators every day.

VISION: Build a cohesive health team with common goals to provide students with the skills and services needed for academic success and life-long wellness.

  • Optimize student academic achievement through ongoing health interventions
  • Maintain ongoing communication to maximize health and safety
  • Incorporate health education programs to facilitate a healthy learning environment and increase health literacy

Vaping Prevention: A Remote-Learning Curriculum

The Vaping Prevention: A Remote-Learning Curriculum addresses the health risks of using e-cigarettes/vapes, including JUUL and Puff Bar; the increased risk of severe COVID-19 infection for e-cigarette/vape users; and marketing tactics used by nicotine companies to target youth. We also include an accompanying student assignment. The entire new curriculum is on the Tobacco Prevention Toolkit.