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Tobacco Use Prevention

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Tobacco use prevention education (Tupe) Program
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The Tobacco Use Prevention Education grant is funded by Proposition 56 and 99 which allocates funds to school districts to provide programs to mitigate and prevent youth tobacco use and potential pathways to other harmful substances such as alcohol, drugs and prescription medication.  Twin Rivers Unified School District offers the following programs and services to create a fun and safe learning environment to inspire each student to extraordinary achievement every day:
Teen Intervene – Intervention counseling for students experiencing substance abuse/addiction
Project Alert – A drug prevention curriculum taught to all 7th and 8th grade students 
Red Ribbon Week – All students participate in school wide activities surrounding drug awareness 
Club Live – Middle school student leaders that work with adults to increase drug awareness 
Friday Night Live – High school student leaders that work with adults to increase drug awareness
California Healthy Kids Survey – A risky behavior needs assessment for 7th-12th grade students
Tobacco Free Generations – A tobacco prevention curriculum for pregnant and parenting teens
Don’t Buy The Lie – Anti tobacco assemblies provided by Kaiser Permanente

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Vaping Prevention: A Remote-Learning Curriculum
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The Vaping Prevention: A Remote-Learning Curriculum addresses the health risks of using e-cigarettes/vapes, including JUUL and Puff Bar; the increased risk of severe COVID-19 infection for e-cigarette/vape users; and marketing tactics used by nicotine companies to target youth. We also include an accompanying student assignment. The entire new curriculum is on the Tobacco Prevention Toolkit.

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