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New procedures for Medical Exemptions
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Starting January 1, 2021:
  • Medical exemptions can only be issued through the California Immunization Registry – Medical Exemption website (CAIR-ME) by physicians licensed in California. 
  • Schools and child care facilities may only accept from parents new medical exemptions that are issued using CAIR-ME.

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California Health and Safety Code, Sections 120325-120375:
Under these statutes, children in California are required to receive certain immunizations in order to attend public and private elementary and secondary schools, child care centers, family day care homes, nursery schools, day nurseries and developmental centers (pre-kindergarten facilities). Schools, and pre-kindergarten facilities are required to enforce immunization requirements, maintain immunization records of all children enrolled, and submit reports.
Effective July 1, 2019 new immunization regulations go into effect.
See the documents below for school immunizations requirements. You may want to visit for more information.
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