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Purchasing, Contracts, Print Services, Mail Room, and Warehouse Services

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The Contracts, Purchasing, Print, Mail and Warehouse Department supports the goal of the district to close the achievement gap through the following:
  • Customer Service: Improve service to our schools and departments, by making the delivery of services fast, efficient and available. We want all students and staff to know that their needs are met to prepare them for learning and achieving.

  • Standardization and Equalization: We will save time and money by standardization of goods and services. This will help keep the quality of products equal at all sites, and provide the opportunity for schools to take advantage of the benefits of a centralized service center.

  • Streamline the Process: Make use of technology to provide efficiency in the system. Move quickly to implement the remote submission of requisitions, warehouse orders and print orders. By making the process more efficient, teachers and school staff will spend their time with students, not paperwork.

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Contract & E-Rate Services: (916) 566-1775
Purchasing Services: (916) 566-1618
Print Services: (916) 566-1724
Warehouse Services: (916) 566-1716
Please find our Purchasing and Warehouse Services Procurement Handbook here:


Contracting & E-Rate Services serves the entire district, both on the certificated and classified sides of the house in the negotiation, drafting, execution and approval of many types of contracts. Service agreements, consulting agreements, technology licenses, curriculum procurement agreements, curriculum licenses, InterAgency MOUs, leases, special ed MOUs, architect and other professional services agreements and university affiliate/field training agreements are all within our purview.  
Contracting Questions

Most people have questions about contracts. What is a services agreement, and when do you need to enter into one? What are MOUs, licenses, and joint use agreements? Is it OK to sign the other company’s contract? Is it OK to use a purchase requisition to obtain a software license?

You may be unsure if a written agreement is needed, and what type of agreement is appropriate. You may wonder how long the process will take, and who can sign the agreement. 

There is also a Q&A on the process and flowcharts on this page that show the life of a contract from initiation to signature and PO.

We are here at your service! If you don’t find an answer here, you can always call or email us for help, or ask us to create the contract for you.

District Bidding and Requests for Proposals (RFPs)
In addition to our “headline” services, the Contracting & E-Rate Dept. is closely involved in the preparation, drafting and issuance of district bids and requests for proposals (RFPs), and other district solicitations, working closely with the District Purchasing Dept. 



 Schools and libraries throughout the US are eligible for federal funding for the technology infrastructure and services which bring the internet to our students and staff. Twin Rivers USD is at a high E-Rate "discount level," receiving millions of dollars in E-Rate funding annually. The program is managed by the Contracting & E-Rate Services Dept., and though you may not have any direct contact with us regarding the E-Rate program, the students and staff of our district enjoy the services funded by the E-Rate program every day. 


The Purchasing Services Department has the sole authority to prepare contracts and issue purchase orders for goods and services, and public works projects.

  • Ensures legality of all purchases.
  • Acts as a clearinghouse for vendors and vendor negotiations.
  • Coordinates all comparative bids and advertised bids.
  • Establishes purchasing standards and specifications.
  • Operates the district warehouse.
  • Maintains an inventory control system for district furniture, equipment and property.
  • Disposes of surplus, scrap, or obsolete materials.

Mail Room

  The Mail Room department serves all Twin Rivers staff's mailing needs. 

Print Services

Print Services is available to the District for most high yield print projects, including but not limited to bulk printing, NCR, custom graphics, stickers, signs, banners, and business cards. Contact print services to see if they can help with your next project. 


The District Warehouse operates with the goal of having on hand most of the common items needed by teachers and support staff. Products needed that are not carried in the warehouse can be ordered upon request at a substantial savings by working directly with the Warehouse Department to leverage contract pricing and bulk ordering.

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