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School Chief of Police

Chief of Police
Welcome to the website of the Twin Rivers Unified School District Police Department. I hope the information contained within this site will help you become more familiar with our agency and assist you with communication with our staff.

The safety and security of the Twin Rivers Unified School District family, to include our students, parents, staff, and community is our primary mission. As a specialized law enforcement agency dedicated to our schools, we strive to provide an ideal environment in which quality education and learning can take place everyday. In embracing our Districts Focus Goals of Unparalleled Student Achievement, Organizational Efficiency and Effectiveness, and Engagement and Outreach, we encourage the active participation and input from our school and community stakeholders.

The Twin Rivers Unified School District Police Department continually works to earn and maintain our student, staff, parents, and public’s trust, through transparency and customer-focused service. Our staff appreciate the ideas, perspectives, and values of the diverse population we serve.

On behalf of the men and women of the Twin Rivers Unified School District Police Department, I thank you in advance for partnering with us, and allowing us to serve each of you.

“Success Nothing Less”

David A. Lugo
Chief of Police