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Twin Rivers Unified School District

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Twin Rivers Unified School District

Facilities Staff

Facilities Staff

Perry Herrera
Director of Construction, Engineering
(916) 566-1600 ext. 36205
Elizabeth Villagomez
Capital Project Asst. II
(916) 566-1600 ext. 36220
Director of Facilities, Planning & Efficiency
(916) 566-1600 ext. 36210
Capital Project Asst. I
(916) 566-1600 ext. 36225
Victoria Garcia
Senior Budget Analyst
(916) 566-1600 ext. 36209
Nicole Young
Accounting Technician
(916) 566-1600 ext. 36224
Rikk Keomanivong
Facilities Services Specialist
(916) 566-1600 ext. 36218

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Long range facility master plan

Long range facility master plan

The facility master plan is a roadmap for the long-term stewardship of school facilities in the Twin Rivers Unified School District. Since its creation in 2015, this plan has been updated annually to reflect progress made, realign and reaffirm long-term goals, and to continually identify ways in which our school facilities can best support teaching and learning in the classroom. We are continuously focused on implementing the long-term vision to build and maintain school facilities that support the delivery of high-quality education. Each accomplishment propels us forward in that goal. See where we’ve been, where we are, where we’re going and how we’ll get there. 



Effective Monday, February 15, 2021, Development Fees will increased to the following;
Residential:   $4.08 per sq.ft.
Commercial:  $0.66 per sq.ft.
As of March 19, 2020
Due to the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19, payment of Development Fees must be made by appointment only.
Please contact me below to schedule an appointment,
Phone:  916-879-8454
Facilities project request

Facilities project request

All requests for room modifications, major/minor construction and new installation of equipment (anything attached to the building, classroom walls or attached to the grounds) must be submitted to the Facilities Department for review.
Please submit all requests using this form:  FACILITIES WORK REQUEST FORM.  For questions related to your Facilities Work Request contact Elizabeth Villagomez at
About Us

About Us

The Facilities Services Department accommodates the District's academic programs with healthy, safe and secure environments that enable students to optimize their learning experience. Our responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  • Master planning and forecasting the district facilities needs
  • Building and modernizing schools
  • Major repairs and land/system improvements
  • Facilities work requests for minor site improvements
  • Facility use coordination and approval


 To inspire each student to extraordinary achievement every day


An unwavering focus on powerful and engaging learning experiences that prepare students for college, career and life success