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Twin Rivers Unified School District

Twin Rivers Unified School District

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

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A focus on equity is key in addressing access and achievement gaps for those who are part of an educational system. Each member of a school community (students, staff, and families) are an integral part of the overall success of the institution. Twin Rivers Unified School District serves a diverse community. As such, the Governing Board and District leadership recognize that there are a plethora of unique needs, approaches, and services that are needed to ensure a positive educational experience fore each student. Twin Rivers Unified School District has continuously sought ways to ensure access and equity through the review and revision of existing systems and structures. TRUSD utilizes a system thinking approach to ensure a strategic focus on decision-making and program implementation.
In the Spring of 2021, TRUSD moved to approve the development of an Equity Department as they sought to continue to build access and inclusivity for all students, families, and staff. The district remains firm in its belief that Equity work is in no way limited to one specific department and that each department and site will continue to implement and grow practices, systems, programs, and approaches that build an equity- focused culture. 
TRUSD has and will continue to strive to ensure that decisions, policies, practices, and structures within the learning system are student-centered and culturally responsive. Additionally, that ensure equity, access, support, and resources for all students, based on their unique needs and interests. This strategic equity plan will work to continue to support the district’s mission and vision. 

TRUSD Vision: An unwavering focus on powerful and engaging learning experiences that prepare students for college, career, and life success. 

TRUSD Mission: To inspire each student to extraordinary achievement every day. 
    Department Staff 

    Department Staff 

    Director Equity, Diversity, Inclusion 
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    Equity and Community
    Coordination Administrator
    916-566-1600 ext. 33330
    Coord, Parent & Communty Involvement
    916-566-1600 ext. 33329
    Administrative Secretary 
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