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New Teacher Support

New Teacher Support Google Site

Visit our New Teacher & Mentor Support Google Site:

On our site, you will find resources on teacher resiliency, professional learning, and links to our monthly newsletters. Check back frequently as we update monthly.

New Teacher Support Log

Click HERE to log your support of Interns/STSP/PIP/TPSL new teachers. Only mentors log using this form.

Reserve Observation Date

Click the following link to reserve an observation date. This form should be completed by mentors to reserve a sub:
  • mentor going to observe new teacher
  • mentor and new teacher going to observe another experienced teacher
Directions to find the Travel Conference Form:
  • Log into the Staff Room
  • Locate the large green Forms tab on the left
  • Scroll down the Budget and Accounting section and you will find the link to the TCF

Interested in Being a Mentor?

2021-2022 Mentor Application Link


Marigold Moments

Experienced gardeners utilize companion gardening to improve the growth of their plants. This means they plant certain vegetables and plants near each other. Marigolds are one of the best companion plants. They help vegetables grow big, strong, and healthy. 

Marigolds exist in Twin Rivers schools as well.

New Teacher Support is celebrating the Mentor Marigolds who support our newest Twin Rivers teachers in their first years of teaching. A Marigold Moment is a spotlight on a TR mentor and the new teacher he/she supports. We invite you to get to know some of the mentors and new teachers in our district.

August 2021