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Language Classes for English Learners

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Information about Language Classes for English Learners
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Designated and Integrated English Language Development Classes (ELD)
Two types of English Language Development instruction are necessary and required: Designated & Integrated English Language Development. Together, they provide English learner students with a comprehensive instructional program which gives them equitable access to grade level learning. ELD is a core subject for all English learner students. All English learners, at every grade level, and every proficiency level need to receive Designated and Integrated ELD until they are reclassified.
  1.   Designated English Language Development
    • In Designated ELD instruction, classroom teachers set aside a time in the regular school day for focused instruction using the English language development standards to assist English learners to develop critical English language skills necessary for academic content learning in English. Teachers attend to English learners’ particular language development needs.
  2.   Integrated English Language Development
    • In Integrated English Language Development instruction is embedded in content classes. Classroom teachers integrate California ELD and Content Standards to support students’ linguistic and academic progress.