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District English Learner Advisory Committee
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The Committee is composed of elected ELAC representatives from each of TRUSD schools with 21 or more English Language Learners.
Interpreters will be available in Spanish & Hmong. Intérpretes disponibles en Español & Hmong. Cov neeg txhais lus yuav muaj rau lus Mev & Hmoob.

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DELAC Calendar 2021 - 2022 



Major Function

The purpose of the DELAC, or subcommittee on English learner education, is to provide guidance and advice to the Board of Education and the District staff  (e.g., in person, by letters/reports) on the needs and services for English learners.
Each California public school district, grades kindergarten through 12, with 21 or more English learners must form a District-level English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC) or subcommittee of an existing district-wide advisory committee.
Composition Requirements
Parents or guardians of English learners not employed by the district must constitute a majority of membership (51 percent or more) of the committee.


Each site's English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) must have the opportunity to elect at least one member to the DELAC. If the district has 31 or more ELACs, it may use a system of proportional or regional representation.


The committee advises the Board of Education on the following:
  • Development or revision of a master plan of education for programs and services for English learners
  • Establishment of district programs, goals and objectives for programs and services for English learners
  • Development of a plan to ensure compliance with any applicable teacher and instructional aide requirements
  • The district’s reclassification procedures
  • Written notifications required to be disseminated to families


The district shall provide for all DELAC members:
  • Appropriate training and materials to assist each member to carry out his or her legally required advisory responsibilities
  • Training which is planned in full consultation with DELAC members. Economic Impact Aid-Limited English Proficient and/or district funds may be used to cover costs of training and attendance of DELAC members (e.g., costs associated with child care, translation services, meals, and other reasonable expenses)

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Legal reference
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20 United State Code (USC) Section 6312(g)[4); California Education Code( EC) sections 35147 ( c ); 52176 (b)  & ( c ); 62002..5; 64001 ( a) 5 California Code of Regulations ( CCR),Section 11308 (b) & (d)