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Initial Submissions

Click HERE for the TRUSD Charter Resource Manual

  • STEP 1:  Between August & January, petitioner communicates intent to submit petition.  (at least 1 month prior)
  • STEP 2:  Petitioner provides written notification of exact submission date (1 week prior)
  • STEP 3:  Petitioner submits a digital and hard copy of petition
  • STEP 4:  Twin Rivers conducts preliminary petition review for completness & provides notification of results to petitioner via email  (within 5 business days from petition receipt)
  • STEP 5:  Public Hearing (within 30 days of submission)
  • STEP 6:  TRUSD posts recommendation of Board action via Agenda Online (2 days before board meeting)
  • STEP 7:  Twin Rivers' Board of Trustees makes a final decission to approve or deny petition

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TRUSD Charter Review Team will thoroughly read the charter petition and all submitted materials.  (Petitioners may be contacted during this process to address questions that arise).  
Petitioners may be asked to participate in a formal review to address concerns or unanswered questions.  
TRUSD Charter Review Team's notes, the petition, and all submitted materials will be reviewed by legal council.  
A TRUSD appointed party will make a formal recommendation to the Twin Rivers Board of Trustees based on the outcomes of the detailed petition review.  
The Twin Rivers Board of Trustees will vote to approve or deny the charter petition.  
A Public Hearing will be held to provide petitioners with an opportunity to speak on behalf of their charter school.  The public will also have the opportunity to comment on the proposed charter.  
This hearing provides the TRUSD Board with understanding regarding public sentiment surrounding the proposed charter.  In addition, the Hearing should bring clarification regarding the specifics of the propsed charter.
Within 5 business days from receipt of a complete petition, petitioner will receive a letter which includes:
  • Confirmed receipt of complete petition
  • Public Hearing date
  • Instructions & deadline for PowerPoint presentation submission
  • Request for 30 day board decission extension (EC Section 47652(c))