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Assessment and Accountability

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California Healthy Kids Survey Information
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Students in grades 6-12 may be asked to be part of the California Healthy Kids Survey. This important survey will help our District promote better health among youth and combat problems such as drug abuse, alcohol, tobacco, and violence. The survey is anonymous, it is designed so that participating students cannot be identified from the data. The survey is voluntary and sponsored by the California Department of Education.
Please contact your school to find out more about the California Healthy Kids Survey. Additional information is available at \Academics\Assessment-and-Accountability\California-Healthy-Kids-Survey
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California School Dashboard Equity Report

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Parent Guide: Smarter Balanced Assessments
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  • The Starting Smarter website includes information on student score reports, sample test questions, parent-teacher conferences, and other no-cost resources in English and Spanish.

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  • State & Local Assessment
  • Research & Analysis - Data Reporting
  • Data Validation
  • Data Submission to State & Federal Agencies
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