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What is Career Technical Education?

Two students using video cameras for video production
Career Technical Education (CTE) programs focus on a special area of study, such as career education, STEM, the performing arts, or partnership academies (CPA), which are schools-within-a-school that incorporate integrated academic and career technical education, business partnerships, mentoring and internships. 

CTE provides career, college and workforce preparation for high school students, groundwork for advanced training and the upgrading of existing skills. High school students involved in CTE are more engaged, perform better and graduate at higher rates.
  • 81 percent of dropouts say relevant, real-world learning opportunities would have kept them in high school.
  • More than 75 percent of secondary CTE concentrators pursued post-secondary education shortly after high school.                                                               
- Association of Career Technical Education

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Jr High School Career Technical Education Programs
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