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Board Meetings

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Board meetings are typically held on a bi-monthly basis on Tuesdays of each month, beginning at 6 p.m. for closed session and 6:30 p.m. for the open session meetings.
We encourage parents and community members to attend our board meetings. A copy of our Board agenda is available for inspection and review at the Twin Rivers Unified School District Office (5115 Dudley Blvd McClellan, CA 95652) during regular business hours and on this page of the TRUSD web site within 72 hours of a scheduled meeting. Information on the meetings is also available by calling the Superintendent's Office at (916) 566-1745.
Visitors can bring up items of interest under "hearings of parties" at the start of each board meeting. However, our board cannot legally act on new items presented by the public until the next regular meeting.
In addition to informational reports and discussion of board policies, board meetings may include student musical performances, slide presentations on special programs and oral reports on new activities.

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Online Agendas will be moving to the GAMUT platform

                         Agenda Online - Click Here

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All Board meeting agendas and minutes will include the following statement in English, Hmong, Russian and Spanish:
Translations of board meetings or interpretations at Board meetings will be provided by qualified interpreters and are available upon request. To request these translation/interpretation services please contact: Alex Pina in the English Learner Services Department at (916) 566-1600, ext. 33423.
Tag nrho ntawm Tsoom Kav Tswj lub rooj sib tham cov ntsiab lus sib tham thiab cov ntaubntawv teev tau tseg yuav tsum muaj nrog cov lus hais raws li nram qab no uas yog hais nyob lus Askiv, Mev, Lavxias, thiab Hmoob:
Cov txhais lus rau hauv ntaubntawv ntawm Tsoom Kav Tswj cov rooj sib tham lossis cov txhais lus hais lus rau hauv Tsoom Kav Tswj cov rooj sib tham yuav tsum siv cov neej txhais lus uas tsim nyog thiab lawv yuav tuaj txhias lus yog thaum twg muaj kev thov txog. Yog xav thov txog cov kev pabcuam txhais lus rau hauv ntaubntawv/txhais lus hais nyob lub sij hawm lub rooj sib tham, thov hu rau: Alex Pina, Chav Tswj Cov Kev Pabcuam Neeg Kawm Ntawv Askiv, Tus Neeg Teev Ntawv (916) 566-1600, ext. 33423 lossis tus email
Письменные переводы документов Совета правления и устный перевод заседаний Совета правления будут предоставляться квалифицированными переводчиками по вашему запросу. 
Чтобы запросить переводчика или перевод какого-либо документа Совета правления обращайтесь к: Alex Pina – секретарю отдела услуг для изучающих английский язык по телефону (916) 566-1600, ext. 33423 или по электронной почте
Todas las agendas y las minutas de las reuniones de la junta directiva incluirán la siguiente declaración en inglés, español, ruso y en hmong: 
Las traducciones de las reuniones de la junta directiva o las interpretaciones en las reuniones de la junta directiva serán proporcionadas por intérpretes calificados y están disponibles bajo petición. Para solicitar estos servicios de traducción / interpretación póngase en contacto con: Alex Pina, secretaria del departamento de servicios de aprendices de inglés, al (916) 566-1600, ext. 33423 o por correo electrónico a