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Pinwheels for Peace

Nearly 1,800 handmade pinwheels were planted on the front lawn of Norwood Junior High School by students, staff, family and community members.

The pinwheels were planted in conjunction with the celebration of International Day of Peace, an annual event the United Nations General Assembly established to collaboratively focus efforts on worldwide peace. As part of the creation process, the students wrote their thoughts about war and peace, tolerance, and living in harmony with others on one side of the pinwheel. On the other side, they artistically expressed their feelings by drawing or painting.

"I will no longer allow the negative things in life to spoil all of the good things I have," wrote one student.

Pinwheels for Peace is an international art and literacy project that began in 2005 in Florida, as a way for students to express their feelings about what's going on in the world and in their lives. Last year, over 4.5 million pinwheels were spinning in over 3,500 locations, including the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, the Middle East, Africa and South America.

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Posted September 2014