Twin Rivers Unified School District

Twin Rivers unseals HVAC bids

Deputy Superintendent Bill McGuire looks over documents submitted for the Harmon Johnson HVAC project.

What a day in Twin Rivers, even though all schools are closed for spring break. Today, administrators opened two bids for the installation of 34 heating, ventilation and air conditioning units (HVAC) at Harmon Johnson Elementary.

The bids for the Johnson project ranged from $2,250,000 to $2,595,000. 

The only surprise—there were no bids today (April 15) for the installation of 37 HVAC units at Grant Union High School. However, the Grant project is still expected to be completed this summer. In fact, Deputy Superintendent Bill McGuire says the selection of the contractors for both projects will go to the Board of Trustees on April 23.

The district's short timeline for the Grant project is a challenge, but doable. McGuire says 10 contractors were at Grant last week for a mandatory job walk, which is done prior to the bid process. Some indicated they are interested in the project, but need more time to prepare an accurate bid. The interested contractors now have until April 22 to submit a sealed bid.

"We did not receive any bids (on Grant) at 10 o'clock," says McGuire. "That allows us—by public contract code—to go out and negotiate with contractors who were part of the job walk. We've been on the phone today with contractors looking at the options that we have. Our staff is working really hard to move forward."

The HVAC project is slated for completion by August 11, just before the 2014-15 school year begins. Twin Rivers unveiled its aggressive plan for installing the HVAC units at both schools at an April 2 news conference. The five-month effort was launched as a campaign called "Feel the Difference: Creating a New Climate in Our Classrooms."

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