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All of our current openings are posted on The District uses an on-line application process called Edjoin (Education Job Opportunities Information Network). We do not accept paper applications. Applicants must submit all requested documentation through Edjoin to be considered for a position. By clicking on the Edjoin link you can review the current job postings to determine the position or positions for which you are qualified. Listings

How To Record A Digital Interview

We want to learn more about you and your qualifications with a recorded digital interview and completed email reference checks. These steps must be completed in order to proceed to the next step in the selection process. This unique interview allows you to complete the interview at your convenience. Once you have completed your video responses we will be able to view the recordings. It also allows all our selection teams to see your interview as additional openings happen throughout the recruitment season. Instructions for how to proceed with both options are provided below. Although option 2 will allow you to successfully complete your interview, we recommend you use option 1 to achieve the best quality. In order to complete this interview, you will need either a desktop/laptop with a webcam, a smartphone, or a tablet with video-recording capabilities. To achieve the best quality we recommend you use a desktop or laptop with a webcam.


Option 1:

You can complete the interview by using a desktop/laptop with a webcam to record your responses. Make sure you are using updated Google Chrome or Firefox browsers. You can download the latest versions of either browser from the following links:

Option 2:

You can complete your interview by using a smartphone or tablet to record your responses.
To successfully complete your interview you will need to download the VidResponse mobile application. You can download the mobile application from the appropriate link below:

How to Prepare for the Video Interview:

Make sure your recording device and internet are working properly. Allow 10-30 minutes to complete the entire interview. You should treat this interview as an in-person interview and consider things such as appropriate attire.
Helpful Tips:
Make sure you are using a dedicated Internet connection. We suggest a wired connection if possible (WIFI is OK but a public WiFi connection may cause problems). A practice question will be provided that will allow you to become more comfortable with the process and allow you to ensure that your video and audio are working properly. You can take as much time as you need with the practice question.


We will also be contacting your references to confirm your employment history details (dates of employment, job title, job duties performed, etc.) and to gather feedback on previous job performance. You will need to provide us with the contact information (email and telephone number) for three previous direct supervisors. At Twin Rivers we use an email reference checking system. As you complete this task we recommend you contact your references to ensure they received the email our system sent them. All system emails are sent from If at any time you need any help feel free to contact and someone will assist you with any technical difficulties. In order for us to consider your application for employment, we require that you complete the video interview process as well as the reference check process. If you have any questions feel free to contact Amber Lynch

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