Human Resources

  • 5115 Dudley Blvd, Bay B McClellan, CA, 95652
  • (916) 566-1736
  • (916) 566-3590

Welcome and Mission Statement

Twin Rivers Unified School District is proud to have exceptional teaching and support staff committed to our Districts mission of inspiring each student to extraordinary achievement every day. Twin Rivers' employees are focused on powerful and engaging learning experiences that prepare students for college, career, and life success.

Fingerprints are completed on an appointment only basis.  Please call Esmeralda Quintana, 916-566-1600 x50047.   

If all slots are filled, once an application has been received at the district office you can receive a form to take to any live scan facility (list will be provided)

Human Resources is located at:

     McClellan Business Park

     5115 Dudley Blvd.

     McClellan, CA  95652

Mailing Address is:

     3222 Winona Way

     North Highlands, CA  95660

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