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We have always aligned the written, taught and tested curriculum. This means that we use the standards as a basis for what students are supposed to know and be able to do.

The new standards place more emphasis on real-world application and understanding of materials, and less emphasis on basic memorization and test-taking skills. Students will better learn how to analyze and understand why an answer is correct in order to be able to explain why they have reached a particular solution to a problem. These are skills that are critical to success in college or a career.

A behind-the-wheel driver’s test requires an individual to demonstrate that he or she has moved beyond simply memorizing the rules of the road to being able to apply knowledge to a real-life experience. In the same way, the new standards will require students to demonstrate that they can independently apply multiple knowledge areas to solve complex problems.

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K-8 California's Common Core Standards Parent Handbook
(doc; 2MB) This handbook, created by the California County Superintendents Educational Services Association (CCSESA) in consultation with the California State Parent Teacher Association (PTA), gives parents an introduction to California's CCSS and a summary of what students are expected to learn as they advance from kindergarten through grade eight.
Manual Para Padres de Familia
(doc; 3MB) Estándares Comunes de California para kindergarten a octavo grado
Parents' Guide to Student Success:
A guide, available in English and Spanish, for the CCSS in grades K-8 and two for grades 9-12 (one for English language arts/literacy and one for mathematics) created by the National PTA.
Council of Great City Schools Parent Roadmaps:
Common Core State Standards by grade level
Shifts for Students and Parents:
(New 8-Aug-2012) EngageNY has created a practical guide that provides steps that parents can take to improve their child's learning of the CCSS.
Common Core State Standards - A foundation for student success