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Organization Structure

Years after the northern Sacramento communities voted to create a new, unified educational system that merged four existing districts, Twin Rivers continues to implement a slimmer district office structure that also reinvents the relationship between schools and the district.

In addition to the financial pressures of the current educational budget, reducing central office staff was a goal of unification. Increasing the consistency of educational curriculum, raising the standards at all schools, and preserving the family-friendly atmosphere of the smaller districts also emerged as priorities for community members in a series of initial forums.

The Twin Rivers organizational components remain under review and evaluation for modification by the Superintendent and Cabinet.

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Superintendent's Office 2017-2018 - Superintendent Steve Martinez, Ed.D. - Director of Communications Zenobia Gerald - Assistant Superintendent School Leadership Ann Zeman, Ed.D. - Assistant Superintendent School Leadership Lori Grace, Ed.D. - Assistant Superintendent Innovation, Research & Design Sara Noguchi, Ed.D. - Deputy Superintendent Administrative Services Bill McGuire